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Denzel Rodriguez

Denzel “Zel” Rodriguez winner of the AOK 2020 Talent Show. He’s been performing the arts of dancing and singing for 15 years. His inspiration and role model has been Michael Jackson, creating in him the courage to pursue his dreams.

Denzel’s hometown is Harlem, home of art and culture. He is a first-generation American that comes from St. Nicholas projects Housing Authority in Harlem who loves acting and music. He has been performing and composing music consistently for around five years ago.

Denzel is part of The Carson Kolker Agency Ltd. , a representative of the Open Hydrant Theatre Company in the Bronx, and also a part of Parkside Talent management, a company that encouraged its members to fulfill their dreams. He appeared on “Power Book 3: Raising Kanan” and Tracy Morgan’s “The Last O.G”. Denzel will also be in The A24 film that comes out in 2022 called “ Showing Up”. Denzel will form part of the judges of the Talent Show 2021.

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Denzel Rodriguez Reel
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