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Delaney Bike

Delaney Bike began a successful career in print modeling at the age of 5, when casting execs at Hasbro noticed her big blue eyes and were immediately charmed by her infectious giggle and ability to take direction, which has them calling her back consistently for years. After brands like FAGE Yogurt, Chasing Fireflies, Airfish and Hannah Banana included Delaney in their campaigns as well, it was time for her to take the next step into onscreen acting.

Delaney can be seen alongside actress Kate McKinnon in one of Verizon’s comedic phone commercials, and she shows her sporty side in TV ads for Fanatics Sports and Plymouth Rock Insurance. A holiday spot for Delsym Cough Syrup showcased Delaney’s magnetic personality while she speaks to Santa, totally unscripted. After appearing in music videos for artists like Joyner Lucas and Token, Delaney was ready to star in her own video as a young Busy Phillips in the Netflix hit, Girls5eva.

As the older-by-17-minutes sister in a set of identical twins, Delaney has learned to work as a team, as well as being able to shine on her own. Aside from acting, Delaney enjoys creating content for Zigazoo, playing softball and cheer team.


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Sisters: fashion editorial and interview.

by Aleksandra Ataca

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